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Polaroid 600 Camera - Talking Camera


Nyhet - Pratande Polaroidkamera som spelar in din röst!

Kul "pratande" Party-Polaroidkamera där du kan spela in din egen röst, för att sedan spelas upp precis innan du tar en bild, detta medför mycket skratt och skoj och roliga bilder!

The Polaroid 600 Talking Camera is a quirky and highly unique camera with a built-in digital sound recorder. It is perfect for beginners and people wanting a camera for parties or social gatherings with its recorder playing a short, funny sound designed to make you and your subject smile just before the picture is taken. The camera can play back either messages you’ve recorded yourself or one of the three preset messages that comes with the camera. Fitted with an electronic shutter and a fixed-focus single-element plastic lens, it features a built-in automatic flash and a lighten/darken exposure control on the front. Refurbished with pride and care by Impossible in Enschede, the Netherlands, and Brooklyn, USA