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New55 PN FILM - 2016-05-26 - SLUTSÅLD!


Datum 16-05-26!

New55 PN is a black and white 4x5 instant positive-negative sheet film that produces an instant negative and a positive print; it works with the famous 545 series of holders (545, 545i and 545 Pro).

Each box contains 5 packs; each pack produces one 4x5 positive and one 4x5 negative that you further fix and wash (see Directions for Use).

This is Generation 2 instant film.  An improved receiver sheet coating process results in better DMax and DMin and smooth grayscale in the print, and the same superb negative for scanning and enlarging.


  • Speed: ISO 50;
  • Processing time: 2 minutes;
  • Film type: panchromatic black & white on a 6-mil polyester base;
  • Release system: release tab & peel;
  • Generation 2, with production date code;
  • Expiration: 6 months from date code.


  • Insert film packet into 545 holder in 'L' position (ensuring lens side out); Pull out Sleeve until the stop; Make your exposure;
  • Replace the Sleeve back to its starting position;
  • Move holder's Release Lever to 'P' position;
  • Pull the film packet through the holder smoothly and steadily;
  • Place the film packet down on the counter and wait the given Processing Time;
  • Remove the small silver Release Tab and pull the Tongue Assembly out of the Sleeve;
  • Peel the Print off, keeping the Negative facing down (away from the light);
  • Immediately place Tongue Assembly with the Negative attached face-down into a 50% solution of Ilford Rapid Fixer (50% fixer, 50% water) for 5-10 seconds;
  • USE Ilford Rapid Fixer to fix the Negative - DO NOT USE AN ALTERNATIVE - New55 PN was designed for use with Ilford Rapid Fixer;
  • Pull the Tongue Assembly out of the fixer, peel the Negative off of the Tongue Assembly and then peel the adhesive residue off the back side of the Negative (Take care not to scratch the soft emulsion.);
  • Fix the negative -- with emulsion side up -- for another minute or two and agitate a bit while the reagent goo floats free;
  • Remove excess goo with a gloved finger, then place the Negative in a fresh water bath;
  • Rinse for at least 5 minutes (A running tap can harm the soft emulsion.);
  • The positive print may be coated when dry (we recommend Krylon Special Purpose Spray Lacquer).