Artikelnr SCATM4011

Street Candy ATM400 135-36 - SLUTSÅLD!


Product description: The Street Candy Film ATM 400 is a panchromatic film originally used for security and surveillance cameras in banks and ATM machines. The people behind Street Candy converted it to be used in 35mm film cameras and loaded it into recycled cassettes.

Recommended use: ATM 400 gives great results when exposed at 400 ISO in daylight but it’s recommended to expose it at 320 ISO in tungsten light. It can also be pushed or pulled up to 1 stop. Use of recycled film rolls is not recommended with fully automated/motorized cameras. It may work with some cameras, but there’s a risk for the rewind function to get stuck.

TIPS: The original “ATM 400” was coated onto a thinner film base than the standard 35mm films. It used a 65 µm polyester base which is noticeably thinner than the new version coated on a 100 µm polyester base. Both have identical emulsions and should not show any difference in a render.