What is this Camerhack thing?
Who is CamerHack?
Hello, my name is Claudio and CamerHack is a personal project, not a business company. It’s a place where I experiment hacks and products designed to put very old cameras back to work in the simplest way possible.

This adapters thing project started the same day I got a Kodak SIX-16 folding camera as a gift. My friend told me that he couldn’t use the camera because its film format was unavailable, and so he was giving it to me as a collectible item. The camera was in near perfect condition and looked gorgeous, with its Art Deco style of the late ’30ies.

I soon realized that the camera was not worthy in terms of price quotations: it was produced in various models for the mass market, in thousands of copies, and didn’t cost very much even at the production time.