Artikelnr V19586

Voigtlander Micro 4/3 till Nikon F Linsadapter



Voigtländer Nikon F till MFT Adapter låter dig använda dina Micro Four Thirds-objektiv på en Nikon-kamera med Nikon F-fattning.

The Voigtlander Micro Four Thirds to Nikon F Lens Adapter allows you to mount 99% of all Nikon SLR lenses by any manufacturer to a Micro Four Thirds mount camera body. Nikon G series lenses will not work, since they don't have the necessary aperture ring to control the f/stop. Lenses which protrude so deeply into the Nikon camera body that mirror lock up is required will also not work.

The Micro Four Thirds mount is a very adaptable system because it has an unusually small lens back focus. This in turn allows room for adapters for other lenses.