Artikelnr V19550

Voigtländer MFT Nokton 25/0.95


Voigtlander's Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens for Micro Four Thirds Cameras has an extraordinarily wide maximum aperture of f/0.95--more than a full stop faster than a very fast f/1.4. This lens is equivalent to a "normal" 50mm lens in 35mm format and is capable of producing extremely shallow depth of field at wide apertures--an effect not always easy to accomplish with small-sensor cameras like those in the Micro Four Thirds format.

This lens is manufactured by Cosina in Japan, and has very solid construction, with strictly manual focus and manual exposure--there's no electronic connection to the camera, only mechanical. The Nokton is an "old-school" lens in the best sense and requires the same level of attention as manual-focus, manual-aperture lens of the past, but the rewards might be worth it--there aren't many lenses like this for non-SLR cameras. A metal lenshade and caps for both the lens and the shade are included.