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Nokton 35/1.4

This bright lens will advance to the new standard of its category
The lens with M-bayonet is an ideal addition to the acutal Bessa
collection and such as customized for Bessa R2A/M and R4A/M.
This bright lens will be the standard lens for a lot of photographer
because of the compact architecture.
The special reminiscence for all photo enthusiasts The Nokton
1,4/35mm “SC” ties in with the tradition of the easy coated lenses.
It emerges the, for “Single coated”-lenses, typical characteristic of
the picture results. The Nokton is available in two alternatives:
In “MC” (multi coated) and in “SC” (single coated)
Focal Length 35 mm
Aperture Ratio 1:1,4
Smallest Aperture F16
Lens Construction 6 groups,8 elements
Picture angle 63 °
Aperture blades 10
Closest distance 0.7 m
Diameter 55 mm
Length 28,5 mm
Weight 200 g
Mount M-Bajonett - Mount
Filter Size 43 mm