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iPhone Stabilisator



Skapa snygga och proffsiga filmer med denna stabilisator till din iPhone eller smartphone. Stativet passar alla telefoner oavsett fabrikat. Passar även DSLR-kameran!

  • Telefonstabilisering
  • Supermjuk telefonrörelse, eliminerar skakningar.
  • Kompatibel med alla telefoner och DSLR kameror
  • Mycket enkel att installera och använda

Sories X-Steady Lite - Supreme HD Stability

Give your HD films the smooth and flowing qualities they deserve. X-Steady Lite works in unison with you to capture footage in almost any situation with unmatched stability and creative control. Unlock new image qualities and perspectives too, thanks to the wide range of motion offered by our unique, smooth-as-silk gimbal pivot. With all the hours of footy that we’ve stacked, quite a few of them are jiggly enough to make even the saltiest dog sea-sick. We knew then to develop a light-weight version of our pro-line X-Steady. More suited to the lightweight action/compact cameras many of us use use to document our life’s stories. Featuring a brass encased steel pivot gimble, X-Steady Lite gives those of us the stability needed when filming, with a great range of motion for greater versatility. Simplicity was paramount, as we all know that excessive features do nothing else but fail and let you down. Appealing to anyone who takes pride in well polished content without loading them down with excessive weight or price. Simple to set-up and a pleasure to work with.

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