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Cullmann Hand Tripod 3 Parts Monopod Selfiestick


Selfiepinnen passar också till alla analoga samt digitala kameror som har ett stativfäste.

Cullmann Handheld tripod - A fun/special tripod of a different kind from CULLMANN is the 2-position extendable handheld tripod made of aluminium. This allows you to take photos over people's heads, to create original self-portraits or to take professional control shots of difficult to access areas.

For a better grip, the handle of the handheld tripod is covered with foam and additionally equipped with a hand strap. A small ball head allows the position of the camera to be adjusted quickly and easily in all directions. This fun tripod weighs only 210 g but can carry a load of 1000 g. This makes it suitable for all types of compact cameras and light bridge cameras. The tripod can be extended to a maximum length of 100 cm.