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Rollei RPX-D 250ml


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Rollei RPX-D Developer 250ml
Rollei RPX-D is a new type of black and white film developer. RPX-D has been specially designed for Rollei RPX 400. It uses the nominal sensitivity of Rollei RPX 400 perfectly. RPX-D yields high acutance and excellent detail reproduction. RPX-D also yields high quality results when pushing. It even copes well with sensitivities of 800 and 1.600 ASA, with no visible change in the tonal value.

Don't start at the beginning with the RPX-D immediately with 3.200 ISO and more.
The extraordinary and unique strengths of the combination RPX400 and RPX-D lay in the range between 800 and 1.600 ISO.
Only then this combination offers the desribed quality.

In short: 800 and 1.600 ISO with the quality of 400 ISO.
Your first test could look like this:
A motive, if possible on a tripod, and then expose FOUR films within a very short period, each with 400 + 800 + 1.600 and 3.200 ISO. 
After processing in the RPX-D developer and when taking into account the individual dilution/times, you will have for sure a significant comparison!
You can then be proud of yourself, as you have worked out the know-how about the results individually by yourself.

You will detect in a direct comparison that at 400; 800 and 1.600 ISO the unlimited tonal values are usable, but that at 3.200 the basic fog increases - the grain size grows.
THESE results are, truth be told, not any better than having exposed and processed a Kodak T-Max 3200 or a Delta 3200 at 3.200 ISO.

At 800 and 1600 the combination RPX400 with the RPX-D offers results,
that according to my knowledge will not be achieved or exceeded by any other film-chemical-combination.

Ralf Sänger, photographer and author, interview on 23rd July 2011 at the "Unperfekthaus", Essen:
"The results that I have achieved with the RPX 400 miniature film in combination with the RPX-D developer have convinced myself completely."!

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RPX400 / RPX-D - A high ASA combination?
By Uwe Pilz