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Rollei RPX-D 1200ml - SLUTSÅLD!


ROLLEI RPX-D Developer
(RPX-Developer AT IT‘S FINEST)

The Rollei RPX-D developer, for a new developing method in combination with the new b&w film Rollei RPX 400.

  • Uses the nominal sensitivity 400 ASA perfectly.
  • Rollei RPX-D offers high quality results when pushing (underexposing), expands the range from 400 up to 1600 ASA.
  • With a convincing high quality, because even at the range from 800 up to 1600 ASA there are no changes of the tonal value visible.
  • From 3.200 ASA and more, the grain increases but the tonal value does not decrease visibly.
  • Rollei RPX-D offers for this sensitivity an unsually high edge sharpness.
Don't start at the beginning with the RPX-D immediately with 3.200 ISO and more.
The extraordinary and unique strengths of the combination RPX400 and RPX-D lay in the range between 800 and 1.600 ISO.
Only then this combination offers the desribed quality.

In short: 800 and 1.600 ISO with the quality of 400 ISO.
Your first test could look like this:
A motive, if possible on a tripod, and then expose FOUR films within a very short period, each with 400 + 800 + 1.600 and 3.200 ISO. 
After processing in the RPX-D developer and when taking into account the individual dilution/times, you will have for sure a significant comparison!
You can then be proud of yourself, as you have worked out the know-how about the results individually by yourself.

You will detect in a direct comparison that at 400; 800 and 1.600 ISO the unlimited tonal values are usable, but that at 3.200 the basic fog increases - the grain size grows.
THESE results are, truth be told, not any better than having exposed and processed a Kodak T-Max 3200 or a Delta 3200 at 3.200 ISO.

At 800 and 1600 the combination RPX400 with the RPX-D offers results,
that according to my knowledge will not be achieved or exceeded by any other film-chemical-combination.

Ralf Sänger, photographer and author, interview on 23rd July 2011 at the "Unperfekthaus", Essen:
"The results that I have achieved with the RPX 400 miniature film in combination with the RPX-D developer have convinced myself completely."!

Data sheet RPX 400
Data sheet 

RPX400 / RPX-D - A high ASA combination?
By Uwe Pilz