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Retuschpensel "Kolinsky" storlek 1



Retuschpensel "Kolinsky" storlek 1

The “Kolinsky” retouching brush is a true masterpiece of a tool. The most valuable and expensive of brush hair comes from the tail hairs of a Siberian weasel known as the kolinsky, hence the name of the brush. The selection and arrangement of the hairs is strictly controlled according to their length. Brush-ready kolinsky hair is considerably more expensive than gold of the same weight. A so-called "silver ferrule", a nickel-plated brass band binds the bristles seamlessly to the handle. The mark of all good-quality brushes. A "genuine Kolinsky" is a precious object, one which you can enjoy using for a long time with the appropriate care. A retouching brush made with genuine red sable hair, top quality at a reasonable price, with a seamless silver ferrule.
• size: 1
• finest kolinsky red sable hair
• seamless ferrule
• comfortable black lacquered handle