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CINESTILL D9 DynamicChrome 1st Developer Powder Slide (8-16 Rolls)


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Powder to make: 2000 ml´s

Extended exposure latitude increases the usable dynamic-range* of slide film from 6 to 9+ STOPS! Conventional E-6 processing renders approximately 6 stops of usable dynamic-range*. Maintains vibrant color-contrast and rich warm-tones with preserved highlight and shadow detail (optimized for scanning) for a more cinematic look. Perfect for high contrast lighting or backlit subjects in daylight, shade or with electronic flash.
Top: E100 Underexposed -1 Stop. Bottom: E100 Overexposed +1 Stop.

For color-timing chrome, reversal, and E-6 compatible film. “DynamicChrome” dynamic-tonal-range 1st Developer. Single-use 1+1 dilution develops 8-16 rolls or 100ft of Slide Film.

Intended to be used with the Cr6 "Color&Reversal" 2-in-1 Slide Solution and the Bf6 "Bleaches&Fixer" 3-in-1 Slide Solution. Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Kits also available

The Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Process makes complicated chemistry simplified alchemy! The number of processing baths for E6 film is reduced from 6 to 3. The reversal step occurs during color development in a Color&Reversal bath, and the bleach and conditioner steps are combined with the fixing step in a Bleaches&Fixer bath. Color-timing is performed with alternative 1st Developers to achieve full creative control of your slides.

Photo by Stephen Schaub on Kodak E100 developed in D9 1st developer


Extended exposure latitude for slightly warm-tones in daylight, shade or with electronic flash
1000ml stock solution makes 2000ml of working solution (diluted 1+1 with water)
Single-use solution has a capacity of 8-16 rolls (135/120), 32-64 sheets (4x5), or 100 feet (35mm) of film
Approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic-range*!
Preserved highlight and shadow detail with rich-tones for a more cinematic look
Extended exposure latitude while maintaining vibrant color-contrast
Optimized for scanning
Natural color saturation
Image archivability for at least 80 years
Easily mixed powder concentrate


Place 600-700ml of water into a clean glass or plastic pitcher.
Use a clean plastic stir stick or the TCS-1000 to circulate the liquid.
While circulating, add the contents of the powder packet.
Top off solution with water to make 1000ml. Mix well.

Store mixed solution in a tightly capped, completely filled storage container for 2-6 weeks. Yellows with age and turns amber when perished. Oxygen and contaminants cause developing agents to perish.

Warm-Tone Development: 1+1 Dilution ~ 9min @104°f (40°C)
Extended Highlight Latitude: 1+2 Dilution ~ 10.5min.
Pull -1 (overexposed film): 1+3 Dilution ~ 12min
Push processing is not recommended with DynamicCrome

Maintaining temperature is not essential beyond pouring in the 1st developer. When a temperature control bath is not available, simply preheat the 1st Developer +2ºF warmer, and the other baths will automatically process-to-completion as they cool down. Only the 1st developer is time and temperature critical because it controls contrast and color.

* "Usable dynamic-range" is the amount of full stops of exposure value that renders acceptable detail and color. “Total dynamic-range” however, is the maximum range containing tonal separation rendering any detail, and is often twice the usable dynamic-range. The usable dynamic-range of conventional slide film is between 6-8 stops (total 14-16 stops). Color negative is between 9-13 stops (total 16-21 stops). Digital sensors are mostly between 7-10 stops (total 12-15 stops).