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CINESTILL CS41 Color Simplified Quart Kit


Processing your own color film doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! This liquid chemical, two bath processing kit can be used at a variety of temperatures with the same equipment you already process your black and white film with at home. No darkroom or automated processor required!

- For processing any color negative (C-41) film
- Easy to mix liquid chemicals to make 1 quart (just combine 3 parts with water)
- 2 bath kit (just like most black and white processing)
- No special processor needed (use standard processing tanks and reels)
- Flexible processing temperatures
- Quick reference card for processing times
- Push/Pull processing instructions included
- Reusable Developer and Blix for up to 24 rolls of film
- Process up to 10 rolls at a time
- Instructions for machine processors and hand processing included
- Long lasting shelf life with 3 part Developer and Blix mixtures
- "Stabilizer" rinse aid included
- Fully archival

If you already process your own black and white film, with this kit, there is no reason you can't process your own color negative film at home as well! With this simplified 2 bath process, you can have beautifully developed and fixed color negatives, ready to scan or print. All you need is water, a thermometer and any simple tank and reel system!