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Framkallningsdosa JOBO 1520 2x35mm Tank +1 spiral



JOBO Tank for film developing

Tank System 1500

Film tanks for B/W and color developing

The Jobo film developing tanks are among the best on the market. The tanks can be combined with extension modules, for example the 3-film tank extension 1530. Depending on which lid you have on the tank, you can use it for either normal hand developing or use it in one of the many processors that are available (with cog lid for the models with a lifter, and with magnet lid for those models without lifter). With the extension modules, you can quickly turn a 2-film tank into a 5-, 7-, or 8-film tank.

The tanks come with a maximum of one spiral. Most are delivered with the plastic lid for hand-developing. By adding a cog to the lid, you can use any tank in a processor. If you want to develop both with a processor and by hand, it is better to purchase the complete cog lid.

Hand inversion   270ml
Rotation 170ml includes 1 x Reel 1501

Jobo: more than 90 year of photo experience!

The tank system 1500 has the versatility to accommodate as little as one roll of 35mm with no waste of chemistry. It is user expandable up to 10 rolls of 35mm or 12 rolls of 120.