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ROLLEI RPX D 250 ml Koncentrat



This new developer by Spur is additionally good for the new B&W film from Rollei: RPX 400. perfect use under 400 ASA.
Rollei RPX-D is good when the film is underexposed and needs to be pushed. Then the range of the ASA 400 can go up all the way to 3200 ASA with very good results and a stronger grain.
Tonal values don't change in the ranges 800 to 1600 ASA
The Grain changes at 3200 and higher but at the same time the tonal value does not decrease.
High edge sharpness
Rollei RPX 400 Film combined with Rollei RPX-D developer:
Check massive dev chart for different dilusions and ASA. The Agitation at start is always 30 seconds. At room temperature there is no heating of the solution neccessary – however, it should be at room temperature of 20 degrees C.