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FOTOIMPEX 110 (HC-110) Developer 500 ml conc.


500 ml´s
Kompensating-Finest Grain-Speed Enhancing
One-Shot Developer


Concentrate:500 ml´s
Type:Kompensating-Finest Grain-Speed Enhancing
Mixing:One-Shot Developer

Kodak chemicals are temporarily unavailable this is why we purchase the original mixture made to the exact same formulary which has been sold by Kodak in the past three years.
All developing times, dilutions, factors and replenishing rates are identical and can be applied.

Original description of the temporarily not available product:


Kodak HC110 Negative developer


Originally developed as a fast developer for press photographers, HC 110 is now widely used by large-format photographers and adherents of the Zone System. The reason? Wth this developer the negative contrast can be very precisely controlled and HC 110 takes advantage of the film's full light sensitivity while producing good shadow details. This developer is not fine grained, however. It can be heavily diluted, and so is economical for sheet film developing or for use in a school photo lab. The short developing time ensures that the film is developed before the class bell rings!