Artikelnr 44015

Analogt StartKiT Kopiering - SLUTSÅLD!


Kom igång och framkalla kopior upp till formatet 20x25 cm.

This kit contains all you need to develop the contained 25 sheets of photopaper in 8x10 Inch.

The kit contains:

- two dishes for 8x10 paper
- two print tongs made from plastik
- One pack of ADOX MCP 312 variable contrast RC paper
- One small bottle of paper developer to make 1 Liter of working solution
- One bottle of Fixer to mix 1 Liter of working solution

This is enough chemistry to develop the entire package of paper.

Not contained but nice to have are:

- Red darkroom light
- Measuring beaker
- Empty chemical bottles for storage
- Themometer