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Kompaktkamera 35 mm Easypix



Easypix 35 Camera
For 35mm format film

EASYPIX35 is an analogue 35mm camera for unique retro photos. It is not a disposable camera. You can change the film at any time and also insert a new battery for the flash. The EASYPIX35 35 mm camera is compact and perfectly equipped with its powerful flash - ready to capture the most beautiful moments - just as they really are. Every photo is unique - with no digital gimmicks, no delete button, and no post-processing effects. So you can easily immerse yourself in the creative world of analogue photography.

Any film in 35 mm format can be used as film: Whether colour film, black-and-white film, film speed, coarse or fine grain - you decide. EASYPIX35 has the style of a cool retro camera and is suitable for both experienced digital photographers and beginners to analogue photography.

EASYPIX35 is the perfect gear for snapshots in the urban jungle, festivals, celebrations, parties, road trips and wherever you are drawn.


Analogue 35mm camera
Film format: 35mm film 
For colour & black & white films
Manual film transport (spool)
Focal length of lens: 28mm
Aperture: F8
Focus: 1m to infinity
Exposure time: 1/120s
Angle of view: 70
Built-in flash
Automatic frame counter
Reusable (not a disposable camera)
Battery type: 1x AA (not included)
Plastic material
Dimensions: 118 x 66 x 42 mm
Weight 110 g