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Galaxy Hyper Speed 5x7 25 blad - SLUTSÅLD!


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RC-based direct positive (reversal) B&W photographic paper with fast emulsion speed (approx 120 ISO), allowing short exposures. Ideal for pinhole cameras! No need for a negative, you can shoot directly on the paper.

NOTE: Requires Galaxy Hyperspeed Direct Positive (Reversal) chemicals for development.

Handle in deep red safelight only! *Due to the high emulsion speed, you must test your safelight to ensure it is far enough and dark enough to avoid fogging.

Galaxy Hyperspeed Direct Positive paper has a very high silver content that allows to create distinctive half-tones and rich dark tones.

  • Fixed contrast grade
  • Glossy embossed surface
  • Adjusted reversal process
  • User-friendly

The Story..

Everyone knows about direct positive photo paper nowadays. It has some nice features, but lacks a crucial quality: high speed. Every single shot is too time-consuming for large-format photographers. Fellow pinholers sometimes struggle for hours - needlessly. Plus if there's a moving object in the shot, the object turns out blurred (if it appears at all). And yet, 70 years ago, photographers had already come up with a solution, Kodak Super Speed Direct Positive Paper.

But this valuable paper disappeared from the market in 1970. Its secret was lost. To solve this problem, we decided to create a substitute paper, but we didn't just want to bring back a discontinued photo paper. We wanted to make a better one, with higher sensitivity, better dynamic range, and easier development process that would be performed with room temperature solution.

The result... Galaxy Hyperspeed Direct Positive Paper