Artikelnr 68866

RA-4 colour paper - High Gloss (RC) 24x30,5 CM (9,45x12 INCH) / 50 Sheets - Gradation: Normal (3)



Size: 24x30,5 CM (9,45x12 INCH)
Sheets: 50
Surface: High Gloss (RC)
Paper Grade: Normal (3)

This box contains:
3,66 m2 (to help you calculate the chemistry)
Photographic colour paper for manual or automatic RA-4 process, cut and boxed from large paperrolls by Fotoimpex for better conveniance.

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is a high quality colour paper suitable for analogue and digital chemical printing processes.

Its modern emulsion technology ensures brilliant, long lasting colours on a bright white paper base with excellent archival qualities.