Artikelnr 9420

Fomapan ISO 21/100 R 16mm 30,5 Meter, Enkel-perforerad



16mm Film, perforated on one side (standard perforation for 16mm)

100 ASA panchromatic film. All Fomapan 100 R films can be developed as a direct-positive. This film is newly developed by Foma and is of excellent quality. The film base and all film characteristics are equal to those of the "big yellow" competitor.

You can develop the films yourself or have them developed at ANDEC in Berlin (030/6917036). Foma also offers a B/W Reversal developing kit, which is sufficient for four 8mm films or 1-2 16mm films. The price of the film does not include the developing or shipping costs.

NOTE: Double-super 8 is not the same as Super 8 Film!!