Artikelnr RI4030

Rollei Infrared 400S 35mm x 30,5m - Beställningsvara


The ROLLEI INFRARED is well suited for experimental, creative applications, and for scientific photography.

Perfect exposures can be reached, using special infrared filters, leading into results with an unusual tonal range.


Important handling notes for films with a synthetic film base:

The emulsion is coated onto a transparent synthetic base providing excellent long-term and dimensional stability.

This films has to be loaded in the camera and unloaded in subdued light. Before and after exposition always store the films in the black light-tight film-container. Not following these advices can cause light infiltration through the base material to the exposed pictures. Rollfilms: Please take care in handling the 120 size films in keeping the film-roll tight with two fingers after breaking the unexposed adhesive label to avoid that the film is rolling to "spring off". The same procedure should be followed after taking the roll film out of the camera. The exposed film should be kept compellingly again in the black light-tight rollfilm-container.

Characteristics and application:

  • high speed panchromatic b&w film material with special infrared sensitivity;
  • large exposure latitude and an high exposure reserve for application under all lighting and climatic conditions;
  • special coating for improvement of film transport properties of the cameras;
  • suitable for daylight and tungsten light conditions;
  • table polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500);
  • the large constrast power, in addition of very fine grain and excellent sharpness, is the basis for negatives of excellent quality;
  • excellent resolving power, very fine grain and high sharpness as a base for negatives with an excellent quality;
  • especially suited for digital application for scanning;
  • special halation effects (AURA effect) by longer exposure times;
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