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Fuji Natura 1600 35mm 36 exposures - SLUTSÅLD!!




Product information Fuji Natura 1600 35mm 36 exposures

Product type (b&w/color): color
Film type: 35mm pocket film
ISO speed: 1600
No. of exposures: 36
Film base: triacetate
Area of application: "Low-light conditions, bright surroundings, indoor & outdoor, daytime / night-sky photography, fast action scenes, photojournalism, celebrations

Fuji Natura 1600 ist the  fastest multipurpose colour negative in the SUPERIA series.

 Even at high speeds Natura 1600 delivers precise gray balance, excellent color rendering and sharpness, even in the smallest details. A romantic dinner with faint candle light or a dimly lit jazz club, not a problem for this film. Fuji Natura 1600, the perfect companion from the sports hall to the theatre.