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ADOX ADOTECH III 100ml To Develop 4 Adox CMS 20 Films


Special developer for the processing of the CMS middle format film with half tones, to be processed as a normal film.

Significantly improved gray-scale reproduction in the highlights as compared to ADOTECH I.
The curve was linearized. The CMS 20 has compared to ADOTECH II now approximately the same curve as a normal B/W film.

Since ADOTECH III restrictions in durability are eliminated, ADOTECH III now “keeps” in the bottle like a normal developer and no longer needs to be refilled with water after partial withdrawals.

significantly improved stability to striae in larger homogeneous gray surfaces areas. This, in the past, immanent challenge in high resolution procedures has been eliminated to greater extend.

CMS 20 which have been delivered to our customers since 2011 can be processed with both, the ADOTECH II and III.

Please be aware of times and diluting properties on each bottle.

The content 100 ml is good in a dilution 1+9 for the preparation of 1000 ml working solution to process 4 CMS20.