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Tillbaka i början av 60-talet, var Diana kameran en kult & legend, känd för sina drömska, strålande, lo-fi bilder. Diana F + är en ny variant på den klassiska kameran - en troget återsende med massor av häftiga nya funktioner - Presenteras av Lomography!

Shoot dreamy, color drenched images on 120 film with this Lomography best-seller—an analogue classic yet highly experimental camera.

A twist on the cult classic 60's Diana camera, the Diana F+ produces dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images on 120 film. The same look, the same quality—but the modified version also allows you to take pinhole photos and is compatible with an entire line of Diana F+ accessories. The camera package includes the Diana+ Flash and comes with a set of color gel filters for color splashing your shots!


Package Includes

Diana F+
Diana Flash

Cable Release Connection Only with Adapter
Battery Type no battery needed
Available Apertures Pinhole, Claudy= f8 , Half-Shade= f11 , Sunny= f16
Shutter Speed 1/60 (N) , Bulb (B)
Focal Length 75mm
Film Advance Knob
Flash connection Diana Flash Plug
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance 1m - Infinity
Frame Counter Volume display
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount Yes
Lightmeter No
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder