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CINESTILLFILM CineStill Xpro 50D Daylight C-41 120


120 format color negative, boasted to be the world’s finest grain film! CineStill 50D is an ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) motion picture emulsion. Technology borrowed from from Hollywood's wunderkind, Kodak 50D, prepped and rolled for safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 50 film. 

Our new and improved proprietary "Premoval" process makes motion picture film safe to process in standard C-41 photo lab chemicals or at home. This emulsion is optimized for a hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning, and when processed in C-41 chemistry it can be optically printed on RA-4 paper. Treat this film as a 50 ISO film when processing in C-41 and push process whenever needed.


Color Balanced Daylight (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
ISO 50/18° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process
Factory spooled with self-adhesive labels inside 
Remjet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect
Unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude
Dynamic accurate color rendition
High resolution with maximum sharpness
Enhanced Scanning Performance
Great for portraits and landscapes
Recommended to process C-41 without worrying about remjet