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Panoramahuvud - Bushman Kalahari with Quick Click 12



Smidigt och portablet panoramahuvud från BUSHMAN!

Kalahari is the first of the line. It is intended for amateur and professional photographers. Its designed has been pushed to the very detail of the head, which makes it a high-grade panoramic head even for the most demanding photographer.
The Kalahari head is one of the simplest to use, the lightest and most versatile panoramic heads on the market today. It is unbeatable reference on nowadays market.
380g, the ideal companion for all you excursions, either in town or in the high mountains. The in depth hard anodizing aluminium alloy design assures strength and durability even in the worst conditions. For the first time this same alloy is being used in car racing
These elements, together with the slick design and unprecedented ease of assembly, allow for the rapid operation. The Kalahari comes mounted with a free rotation Quick click.
Detail makes the difference!

380g only
Mounting load 1,9k
The smallest on the market: 190 x 30 x 40 mm
4 rings double sided: 10°, 22°, 45°, 90°
3 rail stops, 1g each
Unprecedented ease of assembly
Quick release plate with stainless steel wing bolt
Ergonomic red bolts
Simple and easy rotation for taking the photo of the nodal point
High precision laser graduations
3D graduation for 3D photos
Precision red level
High grade hard anodized aluminium red and black alloy
CNC high precision machining
One Allen wrench for unscrewing the Quick Click and tightening the rail stops
Our rubber are marked with Bushman Panoramic
Compatible with DSLR’s and compact cameras
Full 360° x 180° rotation
Shooting possibilities:
- Panoramic
- Virtual Visits
- Little planets
- Gigapixel
- 3D
Ready to use
The Kalahari head comes with the Quick Click free rotation with tightening screw
4 rings 10°, 22°, 45, 90°
Quick release plate
3 rail stops
An Allen wrench
The Kalahari bag
Bushman Panoramic warranty
Every part is replaceable and allows for long product life
24 months international parts warranty
Planet friendly
No plastic in the packaging
You can download the manual

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