Artikelnr C126

FAKMATIC – 126 film kasset för 135 film - SLUTSÅLD!


With FAKMATIC it’s possible to shoot 35mm film with Instamatic cameras. FAKMATIC is a reusable cassette that replaces 126 film cartridges which are almost impossible to find, often undevelopable, and always expensive.

The CARTRIDGE is made of three parts:

1 shell
1 take-up spool
1 lid
FAKMATIC comes with detailed instructions that will guide you step-by-step into loading the 35mm film into Instamatic cameras, taking photographs, respooling the film for development.

Shot on 35mm film with Kodak Instamatic 277X

With 135film in a ‘FAKMATIC camera’ you’ll get square photographs. The number of photos varies with the lenght of the mounted film. A 24 exposures film will hold 16-20 frames, depending on the winding mechanism and needle tighness (more on this in the detailed section of this page). It is recommended to use a 24 exposure film because a longer film will hardly fit in the cartridge.