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FAK 116 – 120 to 116 Film Adapter Kit


Use normal 120 film on old cameras designed for the Kodak 116 film format.

FAK 116 is the Film Adapter Kit that let you load normal medium format 120 film in cameras made for the 116 film spools. The 116 film was introduced in 1899 and discontinued in 1984: it’s extremely difficult to find, and it’s obviously expired!

This adapter features a stainless steel flange that perfectly reproduce the same hole that’s in the original 116 spool flange. They are laser-cut out of a 1mm thick stainless steel plate.

The plastic parts are printed with a very solid PLA organic polymer, which is even stronger than the 120 spool material itself!

With the 120 film in a 116 film camera you’ll get 6 panoramic-format photographs with a size of about 11x6cm (4¼ x 2½ inches).

The KIT comes with four adapters, two for each spool in the camera. The one with a different hole is the “Key Adapter”. TheKey Adapter features a 1mm laser-cut stainless steel flange that perfectly reproduce the same hole that’s in the original 116 spool.

Load the the empty spool (take-up spool) with two adapters mounted at both ends, making sure that the Key Adaper corresponds to the camera’s film advance knob.
Mount the other two adapters on the unexposed film and put it in the camera.
Insert the paper leader into the take-up spool and roll up a little until it’s well inserted.
Suitable Cameras:

The first camera using this film was the 1A Folding Pocket Kodak. Other cameras using the 116 film were:  No.1A Autographic Kodak Junior, No.1A Pocket Kodak, No.1A Pocket Kodak Junior, No.1A Speed Kodak, No.2A Beau Brownie, No.2A Brownie, No.2A Folding Autographic Brownie, No.2A Folding Cartridge Hawkeye Model B, No.2A Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye (Model B). Every 116 camera can be converted: please read the list of compatible cameras at the bottom of this page.