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Pappersframkallare PRINT WA 1.2L - slutsåld!


PRINT NE (Neutol Liquid NE)
PRINT WA (Neutol Liquid WA)

These are high-quality developer concentrates ready for use after dilution with water, and suitable for processing in tray, drum and roller transport machines. The print tone is neutral to warm black. Rapid action, high speed yield and good fog security are the developer´s special quality features. A special calcium stabilizer stops the clouding otherwise occurring in liquid developers, even with a very high throughput.

Mixing instructions
The developer concentrate is topped up to the desired final volume with water at about 30 °C/ 86 °F and stirred well. The developer is ready for use after cooling to working temperature.
The concentrate should not be stored in its plastic bottle after part quantities have been removed.

Stock solution (1 + 3):
If the complete quantity is not completely used or different dilutions have to be produced, it is advisable to mix a concentrated stock solution (= 1 part concentrate + 3 parts water). This solution can also be used undiluted as a specially powerful developer (see dilution table).

Normal dilution (1 + 7), (1 part stock solution + 1 part water):
This dilution is recommended if the developer is to be used for a lengthy period with a low daily throughput. Topping up with the
same solution is only necessary if the tray level falls too low. The storage life at the normal dilution is about one week.

Economy dilution (1 + 11), (1 part stock solution + 2 parts water):
Economy dilution is particularly efficient if there is a high daily throughput and the tray contents are exhausted fast. They deteriorate faster (within one day) but their yield is higher, so that costs are kept low. To maintain good uniformity developer carryover should be made up several times daily with the same quantity of fresh solution.