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Framkallningstank Färg & Svartvitt - 2500 Multi Tank 5 for 5 x35mm without Magnet (2551)



JOBO Tank for film developing -Tank System 2500

Film tanks for B/W and color developing

The Jobo film developing tanks are for use with the big, old Jobo reels or with the sheet film reel (Article 2509n).

Tanks are available in different sizes.

The tank is delivered without reels and - since the processors aren't made anymore - also without magnet!

These tanks are delivered without reels!

In a double tank you can fit two 35mm reels or one 120 or sheet film reel. In the 5-film tank, you can fit five 35mm film reels, but only two 120 or sheet film reels. In the extension module, you can develop six 35mm films or two sheet film spirals. The sheet film spiral fits six sheets of film (6x9cm, 9x12cm, or 4x5).