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Förstoringsapparat - Paterson Enlarger for 35mm and 6x6 (without Lens, with Opal Bulb)



Inexpensive enlarger with 2 glassless mask inserts fpr 35mm or 6x6 negatives, a double condensor for even lighting of negatives up to 6x6, and a filter drawer for multi-grade filters. You can make prints up to 30x40 on the baseboard. For larger prints you can turn the enlarger column and project the images on to the floor. Alternatively, you can turn the enlarger head 90 degrees and project on to the wall. The column is 75 cm long and the head is adjusted via crank system.
The enlarger comes with a red filter.

Lightbulb is included in the delivery.

Enlarging lens must be purchased separately. For 35mm negatives you need a 50mm lens, and/or for medium format a 75mm lens. You can also use an 80mm lens for both formats with some limitations in 35mm printing. Of course, it also wouldn't hurt to pick up an enlarging timer and a printing frame while you're at it.