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Bildstabilisering - ADOLUX ADOSTAB Wetting Agent with Image Stabilisor 1000 ml



Download: Sicherheitsdatenblatt ADOSTAB (D)Sicherheitsdatenblatt ADOSTAB (D)

Wetting agent with image stabilizer.

This is similar to Agfa Sistan but with a higher concentration and even better formula. In contrast to Selenium toner, images handled with Adostab do not change their color. The image silver reacts with the active ingrdients in ADOSTAB, making the image more stable and UV resistant over a longer time, without bleaching in the sun as an untreated image would.

Easy to use. ADOSTAB can be used at the end of the developing process just like wetting agent. It is not necessary to rinse afterwards. Just dry the print and you're done.

Dilution: 1+20

Bottle contents are sufficient to handle up to 700 films or 40 sq/m paper.