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Stabilizing with AG STAB
AG STAB protects photo materials from changes in print silver caused by environmental effects, without changing the print tone. These changes appear initially as yellowish brown to reddish highlight discoloration and can later destroy the whole film or paper material by the silver being converted into a colloidal form.

For use, AG STAB is diluted with water: 50 ml AG STAB + 950 ml water. The correctly processed and washed prints are agitated for 1 minute in the AG STAB solution after the final wash. A further wash should not be done afterwards! Note: Too high a concentration of AG STAB can lead to stains which take some time to appear – particularly if prints are in close contact (store stacked).
Care should therefore be taken that both the fronts and backs of prints are wiped before drying to avoid partial over-concentration caused by dried spots of AG STAB. The pinch and transport rollers of mechanical processors and continuous dryers should be carefully wiped clean to stop the AG STAB solution crystallizing on them.

Up to 2 m2 of film (equivalent to approx. 30 – 40 35 mm or roll films) or 2 m2 of black & white paper (equivalent to approx. 45 sheets 17.8 x 24 cm) per litre ready solution. The solution can be used down to the last drop.

Storage life
The concentrate will keep virtually indefinitely in closed bottles. The ready solution should not be kept in open tra