Artikelnr AFST11

Svartvit filmframkallare R09 STUDIO 1 Liter

The liquid negative developer with exceptional sharpness and fine grain, good utilization of speed and constant contrast. These parameters can be held stable over a long period of time, due to the optimum oxidization protection.

Mixing instructions
R09 STUDIO is diluted with water at the ratio of 1 + 15 (= 1 part concentrate + 15 parts water). If the total quantity is not used, the plastic bottle should be squeezed after each use to prevent oxidization. It is, however, best to mix the total quantity and then fill in bottles.

Chemistry produced by Agfa-Gevaert N.V.  
B-2640 Mortsel • Made in Belgium •   
Produced for compard KG,  
D-21502 Geesthacht, Germany   

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