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ADOX D-76 Film Developer to mix 5000 ml


D-76 is a universal, easy-to-use developer with a multitude of applications with the most different films and contrast situations, always delivering fine grain and great speed-utilisation.

ADOX took the classical formula and, while keeping all the important original properties and developing times, brought it up to the modern standards. The new ADOX D-76 has significantly lower dissolving temperatures, as well as the Captura® technology for dust-free mixing. Additionally, all the borates were removed and replaced with a non-toxic biodegradable buffer. The ADOX D-76 powder developer is made in Germany, with both research and post-production quality control carried out on site. The product is available in 1l and 5l packs.

The ADOX D-76 developer can be used exactly like the Kodak D-76, with the already-published D-76 times, dilutions and factors.