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Lomo’Instant Wide Camera and Lenses (William Klein Edition)


Instant photographs are, for me and for the people I take pictures of, a special experience. I really like the possibilities to share this moment, thanks to instantaneity.
— William Klein

Instant film lovers will fall for the Lomography Lomo'Instant Wide thanks to its manual control options, multiple exposure capability, and support for off-camera lighting.
— PCMag

If you want to go an analogue adventure, the Lomo’Instant Wide is a lot of fun to experiment with.
— The Independent

This is the instant camera for the creative one in your life.
— LA times

Fully Automatic and Creative Shooting Modes
Choose between Auto, Bulb and Multiple Exposure Mode to suit your mood.Fully Programmatic Shutter
– will automatically determine how much light is necessary for perfect exposures every time.

Remote Control Lens Cap
– so you can take the ultimate group and party photos and feature in them too.

Take a Ride on the Wide Side
– shoot on Fuji Instax Wide film, which is twice as wide as Instax Mini film!

PC Sync Socket
– perfect for everything from single flashes to studio flash kits.

Built-in 90 mm Lens with Zone Focusing
– easily switch between 0.6 m, 1-2 m and infinity for close-ups, portraits, landscapes and more.

Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
– capture everything and more with the 21 mm equivalent lens attachment.

Close-Up Lens
– focus up to 0.1 m from your subject for all those up-close-and-personal moments.

Large Format Long Exposure
– engage Bulb Mode and experiment with light paintings.

Creative Compositions
– juxtapose your shots with unlimited Multiple Exposure Mode and stylish Splitzer attachment.

Color Gels
– splash your flash and tint your shots with 4 brightly colored flash filters.

Flash On and Off
– light up the entire scene or solely illuminate your subject, it’s up to you!

Exposure Compensation
– easily shoot lighter or darker photos at the click of a button.

Through our partnership with Polka Factory, Paris, we are delighted to collaborate on this exciting project with William Klein with whom we share an appetite for the unconventional. Klein is widely regarded as one of photography’s innovators. His healthy disregard for the rules has led to the creation of revolutionary imagery that is internationally celebrated and critically acclaimed. The Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide William Klein Edition camera embraces wide-format instant photography and pays homage to Klein's contribution to the art form, with an exclusive Leporello containing words and original artwork from Klein himself included for further inspiration. Now you can hold Klein’s brutally honest images and uncompromising vision in your hands as we invite you to follow in his footsteps with the Lomo’Instant Wide William Klein Edition!
Note: The instant photos shown in the gallery were taken by the Lomography Staff.

Package Includes
Lomo’Instant Wide Camera William Klein Edition
Exclusive William Klein Leporello
Lomo'Instant Wide Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Attachment and Viewfinder
Lomo'Instant Wide Close-Up Lens Attachment
Lomo'Instant Wide Splitzer
Remote Control Lens Cap
Shooting Technique Cards
Colored Gel Filters
Instruction Manual
Magnet Stickers
Glue Dots
Photo Stands and Photo Clips

Please note: Fuji Instax Wide Film and four AA batteries are not included. You can find the Fuji Instax Wide Film in our online shop.