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Fujifilm Nexia Q1 AF Yellow NOS


New Old Stock!

Manufactured in China from 2003 to present for Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. of Japan. The sales brochure begins “When you're ready for some stylish fun on the move, the Nexia Q1 is the perfect choice.” It’s a sleek, lightweight, uniquely styled APS point and shoot camera. The cameras allows selection of only two print sizes: 4x6 ''Classic'' and 4x7 “HDTV” Wide shots. It has a Fujinon 22mm f/8 lens controlled by electronic visual autofocus (note the two dark “windows” on each side of the flash—this is what the autofocusing mechanism is looking out of). The shutter is electronically released but fixed at 1/100 sec. For red-eye reduction, it shines a bright red LED into the eyes of your subject—don’t know if “squinting” is considered red-eye reduction! This one in the fashion yellow, it also came in a blue, silver, orange and two “floral” prints as well. It uses the drop-in APS film and a small 6V lithium battery to power everything.