Artikelnr ATP211T

Rollei ATP 1.1 120 5 pack

Rollei ATP 1.1 is an extremely high-resolution black and white fine grain film. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 32/16°. This film is characterized by fine grain, high sharpness and variable contrast. By using the appropriate developer, Rollei ATP 1.1 can be used for both pictorial photography and document film. Its resolving power of 300 line pairs/mm at a contrast of 1.6:1 (or 900 line pairs/mm at 1000:1) is extremely high. Features and applications:
• low-speed, extremely high resolution super-panchromatic film
• excellent resolving power, extremely fine grain and high sharpness
• special coating to improve the transport properties of the film in the camera
• polyester base with high tear resistance
• suitable for archiving LE 500 (life expectancy 500 years, as tested by the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, USA)
• non-curling coating to keep the film flat
• Anti-Newton coating to prevent the formation of Newton rings
• the film can be used in daylight, artificial light and with flash
• the film retains antistatic properties before and after development
• spectral sensitivity from 370 to 700 nm
• dimensionally stable, tear-resistant PET film base