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FUJI FUJIFILM PROVIA 100F 8x10 20 Sheet Film Large Format Made in Japan


Fujifilm CUT Provia 100 F 8x 10" 20 sheets
Provia 100 F Professional (RDP III) is a medium-sensitivity daylight reversal film ISO 100/21° with exceptionally fine grain, vivid colour reproduction, rich tonal reproduction and extremely neutral grey balance.

Provia 100 F Professional (RDP III) is a high quality colour reversal film for daylight with a sensitivity of ISO 100/21°. With a very fine grain (RMS grain value of 8) and extremely high sharpness, it captures details with outstanding clarity, while providing rich gradation, vivid and lifelike colour reproduction and optimal gradation balance. These features make Provia 100 F the ideal film for high-end finishing to the final printed image.


Sensitivities: Daylight ISO 100/21°
Special properties: Highest fineness of grain, very good grey balance. The film for high-end processing to the finished printed image
Application areas: For professional applications, from product and outdoor photography to fashion and portrait photography. Ideal film for high-end processing to the printed image
Packaging (small picture): 135-36
Corrections for long time exposure: exposure correction, not required for (sec.) 1/4000 - 128:, exposure correction, for, (min.) 4: + 1/3 +2.5G
RMS granularity value: 8
Resolution capacity: contrast range: 1.6:1.... 60 l/mm; contrast range: 1000:1..... 140l/mm
Processing: CR-56, C6R, E6