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K O N O ! D e l i g h t A R T 4 0 0 3 5 m m


K O N O ! D e l i g h t A R T 4 0 0

3 5 m m


- fourth film:
KONO! Delight ART 400 35mm film, color tinted

- Technical info:
ISO 400, DX coded
36 exp.
Professional film stock
Any lab is able to develop the film


- Description:
The KONO! Delight journey continues with the: KONO! Delight ART 400 - 35mm film
Different size, same greatness. Just like the KONO! Delight Art 400 120 the 35mm
version is also based on first class professional film stock.
The Delight ART 400 can’t deny its roots, compared to the Delight ART 100 it is even
a little bit more intense in the dark, but the look and feel leave no room for doubt,
it’s a true KONO! Delight Art film!
Intense colors, the finest grain and a very unique look. Each roll is carefully tinted by
professionals. Handmade in Germany.