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TWIN PACK with 2 films

No film is sharper, no film has finer grain or higher resolution (up to 800 L / mm at highest contrast. When developed in CMS 20 developer, it has an ASA rating of 20. In practical pictorial usage with normal image contrast it can be used at up to 25 ASA.

In a standard developer (i.e. HC 110) it has approximately ASA 6 for pictorial usage. Nearly grain-free enlargements can be made up to an image size of 2.5 meter diagonal. This is roughly equivalent to a 500 megapixel resolution. For comparison: a 12 Megapixel digital camera has only 2,4% as much resolution as this film.

Cubic silver grains, which are coated in a single, finest-grain, ultra-thin layer. The AHU Anti-halation layer between the emulsion and film base guarantees the film sharpness.

ADOTECH CMS developer brings the perfect gray values to this otherwise very hard-contrast film material and will give you images with such incredible detail that no one will believe that they were shot on 35mm film.

In a normal developer, the light sensitivity climbs to 80 ASA and the contrast becomes ultra-hard. When so developed, the film can be used as a document film. Other technical developers could also be used, but in comparison to the ADOTECH the results are not as satisfying. The light sensitivity varies, depending on developer, from 12 to 80 ASA.