Artikelnr 120F

120 Filmspolle


If you’re using the FAK Adapters to convert some vintage camera to the 120 film format you may need an empty 120 spool to use as take-up spool. You sure know that every time you shoot a film in 120 medium format camera, the remaining spool is to be swapped into the take-up chamber: so you always have an empty spool when you shoot a 120 film.

But if you buy a vintage camera (Brownie, Hawkeyem 616, Autograph, whatever…) for the first time and you don’t have another camera in the 120 format, you will probably need a spool.

These are simple original empty spools coming fromn Kodak, Fujifilm, Efke, Foma, Ilford and others. Buy one in combination with a FAK Adapter!