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Lumu Ljusmätare iPhone Rostfritt Stål iOS



In today's market, many products attempt to attract buyers with countless features and unusual forms. Made out of only three assembly parts, Lumu has everything it needs and nothing more. Thanks to its aluminum unibody it will last for many years. Each device is assembled and tested by hand. Only well-executed objects can be really valuable.
Making it even more user friendly, Lumu comes with natural leather Lumubag and Lumuneck. This way, it is protected in all situations and can be always with you. The whole Lumu experience was made with clearly defined objective: to create a tool that places the sheer joy of photography.

Accurate exposure is essential to the nature of image making. Lumu features state-of-the-art digital light sensor for unquestionable measurements. Its advanced self-calibrated photodiode array emulates human eye response. Additional features such as IR light rejection and temperature compensation make it most advanced illuminance sensor on the market.
Lumu doesn’t have battery, it gets electricity out of the sound. With its low power consumption, Lumu will require less battery as listening to the music on your headphones.


  • Type: Digital light meter for ambient light.
  • Light-receiving method: Incident light.
  • Light-receptor element: Silicon photo diode.
  • Measuring range: (ambient incident light, ISO 100) 0.15 – 250,000 lux (EV -4 – 20)
  • Repeat accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV
  • Light receptor diffuser type: Hemispherical diffuser, cardioid-type.
  • Power source: Mobile device.
  • Requirements: iOS devices (iOS7 and newer).