Artikelnr 52GH3

Stativhuvud Benro GH3 Gimbal Head + Quick Release P



When you shoot the surfers or flying birds with 300mm f/2.8 lens(or heavier lenses),will you feel it’s too heavy and not balanced? Or when you use fluid video head or ballhead to support these big lenses, especially when you adjust the shooting angel, will you feel the head is not stable, the center of the gravity is not different? To solve above problems, Benro developes a series of Gimbal head for the bird/sport photographers. When shooting sports or birds, you will feel that the operation is very smooth and better than other heads. It’s made of high quality aluminium and its arm is comfortable for griping, what’s more, the quickly locking system make sure the setups be stable so that we can get all nature pose of the birds. It’s really a necessary for dynamic photographer and bird photographer.