Artikelnr 391095

Diaprojektor Braun Novamat E 150 2,8/85 complete


Kompakt och automatisk, diaprojektor för
universal, CS och LKM magasin.

Upplev dina diablider genom en diaprojektor och du kommer inte göra annat än att skjuta diafilm!

The Novamat E 150 auto focus slide projector is an compact design with 3 magazine systems: Universal-, CS- and LKM-magazines.

Its other features are:
- Halogen lamp 24V / 150W
- Infra-red autofocus system for automatic adjustment
- Integrated remote control for slide changing forwards and backwards
- Large setting wheel for exact focusing of the first slide
- Slide lift for easy projection of single slides. Ideal for pre-viewing and sorting of slides
- Ball bearing precision lens guide
- Anti jamming system
- Portable unit with integrated carrying handle
- Compartment for mains cable - Mains switch