Artikelnr HXB1

x-ray-påse Filmsäker blypåse HANSA - SLUTSÅLD!


Grym cool filmsäker blypåse att förvara dina filmer/Polaroidfilmer under resor.


Photographers who use analogue film material get an uneasy feeling at airports, and rightly so! Protect your films from harmful security check X-rays. The Hansa X-Ray Proof Bag produced in Japan protects your films against harmful X-ray radiation and allows you to enjoy your flight. Films with an ISO rating of 800 and higher in particular should be protected from X-rays! Ideal for:
• 15 to 20 (35 mm) films or
• 12 to 18 (120) roll films Dimensions: 330 x 156 x 34 mm (H x W x D)