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KemiKiT MAXI 50 filmer, ADONAL, Adox



KemiKit för 50 rullar SvartVit Film.

- 500 ml ADONAL filmframkallare till 50 filmer
- 500 ml ADOFIX till 50 filmer
- 250 ml ADOFLO minimum 50 filmer

One klick and your shopping cart contains all you need to develop another 50 films*

*The amount of films possible to develop depend on the liquid your tank uses. 5 Films can be achieved if your tank uses 250 ml and you choose the dilution 1+25 (10 ml per film). If your tank uses 300 ml for example you need to choose a higher dilution (which gets you more than 5 films out of the refill pack) or your amount of films to develop will decrease.