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Super8 Film - ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super 8 movie film 15 meters



ADOX PAN-X Reverso Super8 is a true reversal B&W film which can be
run in any Super8 projector right after developing.
It is our alternative for those seeking a replacement for the
discontinued Kodak Plus-X.

We gave PAN-X Reverso everything a Super8 reversal film can possibly get:

• A forgiving, silver rich emulsion which does not block off in the

highlights and features full shadow detail if exposed to 100 ASA.

• A DMAX of above 3,0 (depending on the developer used).

• An anti halation layer between the base and the emulsion yielding
crips images and finest details even at high magnification factors.

• A clear triacetate base fpr brilliant projection. PAN-X Reverso is perforated on an entirely refurbished step-perforator which punches 4 holes, advances the film, positions the last 4 holes with catching pins and then repunches again with an accuracy of 2/100mm over the row of 8 holes. This accuracy sets a new standard and your frames stay steady as a rock. Our film cassette is using a plane pressure plate for exact positioning of the film. 15 meters of Super8 film for about 3 minutes and 20 seconds of fun. Standard developing in Kodak D-94A process. A reversal kit for home processing is in preparation.